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Soul Mates

August 7, 2008

The idea of soul mates is such bullshit. If there is someone for everyone then if there are an odd number of people in this world, then someone is being fucked over pretty bad. Some people say that 2 souls are created as one and when we’re born; they are separated into male and female. I am not making this up, people actually think this. But what about hermaphrodites or transgenders. Is this theory exclusive only to heterosexual homophobes? If you ask 10 people about what a soul mate is, people will tell you 10 different things. How many people get marry thinking they found their soul mates only to realize that they are completely bored out of their fucking minds in their marriage life. Let’s not throw around the word soul mate. Some criteria that I have heard used in describing soul mates are: sentence completion, affinity, same thoughts, paranormal ability to feel what the other partner feels, and I have even heard same heart rate. I believe that once you get to know a person really well, it’s pretty fuckin easy to know what they’re going to say or how they’re feeling. That’s what love is about. Love is real, soul mates are not.