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Air Roti Clap

August 12, 2008

So my friend is going to Guyana and I can only imagine the airline she is taking.


The airline is called “Air Roti Clap”


It will be a direct flight from JFK to Berbice. In flight meals include chicken curry, lamb curry, dhall Puri, Polouri, and most of all, Roti clapped right in front of you by flight attendants hired from Richmond Hill. Upon arrival you will find that half your luggages are missing. Without even getting off the plane, you will have throngs of men asking you if you want taxi taxi taxi. Have fun!


Religion in my view!

August 7, 2008

So god is an essential part of the majority of the world’s lives. Religion plays a big role in how our societies are shaped and how we live life whether we like it or not. So I have come to terms of never knowing if there’s a god or not but still people insist that they exist because they “feel it.” What is this shit they feel, I don’t understand. Why am I and other people excluded from feeling it? I am super positive that if there is a god, that god wouldn’t give a shit to what religion we are as oppose to people killing people over it. All religions today are a derivative of some ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, or some other ancient shit. It is all bastardized. As long as you’re a good person, you will be fine. The idea of heaven and hell to me seems like a crock of shit, and of course it wasn’t even in the original bible. How can there be heaven? How can there be eternal bliss, seems like a pretty one sided system. The world operates in binary form, there’s good and evil, ying and yang. If you’re in heaven and all is good, where is the bad? Do you really think if you follow a book that’s been revised multiple times by human beings like me and you that you’re going to paradise when your body rots? We will never know so please stop insisting that you do.


Religious books themselves contradict the shit out of themselves. I think that overly religious people and people who depend too much on it are weak minded and afraid of the truth or at least the perception of the truth that is out there in the world today. People use religion as a clutch for their fucked up minds. I am not against religion in any way but can people stop trying to convert me while I’m on the fuckin bus. Religion is tax free money and those pastors or priest whatever live in fuckin luxury. What happened to being humble and not showing off?  I am tired of people and their fucked up ways and then using god and religion as a shield. It is blasphemous.


I think it’s time for people to start questioning their faiths. I mean if I was to be brought up under a religion, I would be brain washed too. Being a certain religion depends on where you’re from for the most case. If you’re in India, most likely you’re Hindu and if you’re in Pakistan, most likely you’re Muslim. So isn’t it completely arbitrary to what religion you are? Think about it. You’re parents are Christians, and you as a baby is brought up as a Christian, going to church, doing the customs, engraining it in your head that there is a god. Wouldn’t you think that has something to do with how strongly you believe in your religion?


The whole diet thing really pisses me off too. If you can’t eat a certain animal, then you should be consistent and not eat any animal. We are the only animal who drinks other animal’s milk anyways. Just because a book says its dirty to eat, say a pig, doesn’t mean it’s dirty… Think about it. It is common sense that a pig is no dirtier than a cow or a chicken, they are fed the same shit in the farm and injected with the same hormones. If you care so much about not eating a specific meat, then go eat vegetables then you will go into heaven. HAHA.


I’m done for now.

Soul Mates

August 7, 2008

The idea of soul mates is such bullshit. If there is someone for everyone then if there are an odd number of people in this world, then someone is being fucked over pretty bad. Some people say that 2 souls are created as one and when we’re born; they are separated into male and female. I am not making this up, people actually think this. But what about hermaphrodites or transgenders. Is this theory exclusive only to heterosexual homophobes? If you ask 10 people about what a soul mate is, people will tell you 10 different things. How many people get marry thinking they found their soul mates only to realize that they are completely bored out of their fucking minds in their marriage life. Let’s not throw around the word soul mate. Some criteria that I have heard used in describing soul mates are: sentence completion, affinity, same thoughts, paranormal ability to feel what the other partner feels, and I have even heard same heart rate. I believe that once you get to know a person really well, it’s pretty fuckin easy to know what they’re going to say or how they’re feeling. That’s what love is about. Love is real, soul mates are not.


August 7, 2008

Welcome to my blog! It stands for Young Asian Man’s Perspective Of The World. Not that anyone can give a fuck but since we’re so under represented there must be a voice, and that voice is me bitches! Enjoy.

Hello world!

August 7, 2008

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